Need a New Hobby? You've Come to the Right Place!Need a New Hobby? You've Come to the Right Place!

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Need a New Hobby? You've Come to the Right Place!

As adults, we often overlook the importance of taking time to indulge in our favorite hobbies. Whether it's bowling, sewing, painting, or watching sports, hobbies offer the opportunity to let go of some stress and enhance our overall quality of life. Even if you don't have more than a few minutes a week to dedicate to a hobby, now is the time to consider taking one up if you haven't already done so. Check out the pages on this blog to learn more about all the hobbies that might suit your needs and expectations. Find out what kinds of tools and supplies you'll need for your hobby, and how you can implement your chosen hobby into your everyday life.



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Use Paint, Chainette Fringe, And Polish To Revitalize Old Floor Lamps

Old floor lamps that have dirty, discolored shades don't need to be thrown in with the other household items that you are going to attempt to sell at an upcoming yard sale. Instead, consider revitalizing the lamps by painting their shades and adding a layer of shimmery chainette fringe around the bottom of each one. Polish the lamps poles when finished and you will have a nice-looking set of lamps that can be used to brighten up your home.

Apply Acrylic Fabric Paint

Cotton, polyester, silk, and linen are some fabric types that lampshades are constructed from. All these can be painted with an acrylic fabric paint variety. Select a paint color that mimics the one that is covering the walls of a room in your home that you would like to add the lamps to or one that is a slight variant of the wall's color. Spray or brush the acrylic paint across each lamp shade's exterior.

Secure Chainette Fringe

Chainette fringe is a craft and sewing product that can be sewn or glued onto fabric surfaces. Fringe is commonly constructed of thin, fabric strands that are held together on one end by a stitched header. On the opposite end of a chainette fringe, there is threading that is designed to temporarily hold the strands in place while the fringe is being affixed to a fabric surface.

Sometimes, this temporary threading is referred to as a pull cord. The reason for this is because after pulling on the end of the thread, it will quickly come loose from the fringe, releasing the bottom of each fabric strand.

You will be aware which side of the fringe contains the stitched header and which one contains the temporary threading due to the thickness of the thread that is holding the strands in place. The stitched header will be thicker and more prominent and the temporary threading will be narrow and nondescript.

After purchasing a roll of fringe, use a tapestry needle and thread or craft glue to secure a layer of fringe around the bottom of each lamp shade. If you choose to use glue, wait for the glue to dry before releasing the temporary threading that runs across the bottom of the chainette fringe.

Polish Each Lamp Pole

Pour some metal polish onto a cotton cloth. Wipe the cloth across each pole, beginning with the top of each lamp and working your way down toward the bottom. After you have finished polishing the poles, move the refurbished lamps into the room you have chosen.